Wednesday, September 3, 2008

(I had written this a while ago)

Music is still inspiring. Even now that I know it's process, how it's made. I've seen the backstage, it's factory.

And in these overwhelming oil-boom, global-warming, pointing-fingers-but-little-action-ever-taken times, I am happy to work in a run down bar with a sticky floor and a dirty stage.

I need to be reminded that I'm alive. We all need to turn up the stereo and remember.

It's summer. It's time for rock'n'roll feelings of freedom and possibilities and everything is going to work out and new friends and people being happy and sunrises after a night of whiskey & cigarettes.

I need to remember that I'm alive. I need to figure out how to write about this to preserve it for the winter, when I'm going to need it's warm life to live.

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