Sunday, March 23, 2008

What I am to you is not what you mean to me.

These pictures are for a girl in Sweden, for an art exhibition. I crave to be a part of something bigger than myself always. And if I can't create art, I might as well try to be a part of it. I almost don't even care how I feel about these pictures, because they captured who I was for those few seconds. And then life changed in a few more seconds anyways.

I was going to clean my bathroom, but I painted my nails a dark red wine instead. For some reason, I always feel a little more creative with painted nails. It's strange. Once I use up these last few bottles, I doubt I'll buy nail polish again... but it's a tempting thought. There's a certain je ne sais pas about it all.

I spent a few hours in Two Hills today, visiting my parents. I fell asleep on the couch for two hours, while my dad watched television, my mom and brother played crib in the next room. I was dreaming in French...


aj said...

I think you ascribe too much meaning to amateur self-portrait photography.

That's not you. That's what you want to be seen as. That's just some lie you've made up about yourself. That's probably why so many people are bad at art, it requires the ability to tell the truth, even when it wounds one's ego and/or pride.

This is, of course, not to imply that you are not whatever it is these photographs are. Indeed, I am hardly qualified to judge, as I have no idea who you are, but then again I didn't really get anything out of them that I wouldn't get out of any MySpace or FaceBook profile picture. Namely, that the photographer is in love with the subject. Which is all well and good, but why is someone putting that up on a wall in Sweden?

a.hlewka said...

Gah. Who are you?

aj said...

No one of consequence. I found your blog whilst clicking around at random.

Hi. Glad to meet you.

(Someone should invent a new polite greeting for use on the internet. I mean, I haven't actually met you, have I? So the phrase becomes rather meaningless.)

Allison said...

lets dream together in french sometime, shall we?

(p.s. that guy sounds super self-rightious and pompous. i wonder if he realizes it?)