Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm feeling like an after thought.

I should have written about this weeks ago...

At the beginning of Reading Week, I went back to Two Hills for a few days to visit my parents. Normally, Two Hills and my parents aren't the greatest things, but for once, it was absolutely awesome. I was laughing with my mom the moment she picked me up (I told her all about my Vagina Day and how for once, a boy walked me home - in which she replied with "Great, now if he wants to stalk you, he knows where you live!") and the laughs definitely didn't stop.

On Family Day, my mother and I celebrated by playing Sequence. I photo documented it, and told her I was going to blog about it (she doesn't know what 'blog' means).

It starts...

My Mom is a very serious player...

As for her daughter... not so much:

Which is probably why my Mom won...

This is her stoked I-just-kicked-Ashley's-ass face:

And this is my poor-loser face (according to my Mom, I look like I'm 6yrs old in this picture)

My Mom and I then decided to interrupt my Dad's TV watching to take a family portrait... these were the best two out of three:

I love my parents. I'm so grateful that I'm able to appreciate and enjoy their company as individuals. They are the quirkiest, most hilarious and adorable people I know. My Dad goes on the treadmill for an hour and listens to the Beach Boys on his old record player. My Mom is really good at making quick little coy insults (I get my humor from her, I think).

My Mom gave me a collection of newspaper cut outs that she's been saving for at least a year. I'll have to edit this later to add them in, but they were basically the things that she's never said. Sort of the positive 'be yourself' things. And even though they were from the Edmonton Journal, it is still my Mom accepting me as the individual I am.

...But seriously. When the hell did my Mom get good at board games?!

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