Monday, February 11, 2008

All the birds are heading down south but you're staying up north you say.

I am thoroughly stoked about working tomorrow night at the Starlite Room, Matt Costa is playing! Hopefully, membership work will be finished before Delta Spirit is finished their set, cause I'd love to catch the majority of the show, but it's no biggie if I don't. It's rad just to be able to listen, really.

I'm feeling really lazy today. I didn't make it to the gym as I had intentioned, but overall, the day hasn't quite gone as planned. Today came with a lesson though: there's no point in running your mouth, if you're not saying anything at all. Sometimes, I think I know someone, and then I'm let down when I realize I held them in higher esteem than deserved.

When I walked into my apartment, someone had written in the visitor's parking binder:
Where are you, baby?
I'm eating, sleeping, loving
How are you?


Pineapril said...

matt costa makes me swooooon

Pineapril said...

Kill the Lights are playing at the pawn shop Friday night.
they are my new favourite band.

Andronika said...

That is the cutest thing to write.

I want an anonymous notebook for people to write things in!

a.hlewka said...

A: Matt Costa is such a dreamboat, April! I have to miss the Kill the Lights show, I'm working at the Starlite.

J: Totally! Today, the page had been riped out, and I left a message. I really hope they reply.