Sunday, December 6, 2009

What should we do?!

"Homework, walk hiro, eat vegan food, build snow people, have a drink, go to a movie, sleding, start a band, bake a cake, draw portraits of each other, eat ice cream, throw a party, braid my hair, sewing, break dance, play with action figures, paint our toes, tetris, read comics, go snow shoeing, hitch hike to a warmer place, have a cat party, adopt pandas. Make a scratching post/cat tree, plant a garden, swimming, ride bikes, grocery shop for food, pie jerks in the face, fly kites, bird watching, free the animals from W.E.M., door to door atheism, go to vancouver, visit seniors, marry khan and charlie, farmers market, build a fort, switch jobs, yoga, ice cream floats, camping, water slides, go carts, hot tubs, build a fire, and hugs."

...Z. is the best.

Seriously. Everyone in my life? You're all amazing.

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