Sunday, November 29, 2009

why does everything have to be a battle?

Today, I was called a feminazi. Three of the four friends I relayed this to were significantly more upset than I. The fourth friend took my reaction of confusion -- so I wikipedia'd the word. Strangely, the three upset friends are male, and the fourth confused friend is female.

Even after reading the article about 'aggressive feminists' I'm still confused. Why did the individual so specifically throw this word and it's negative connotations at me? And why are the males in my life more upset whereas I am simply bewildered?

I've been known to read feminist literature, and yes, I listen to Ani DiFranco*. I suppose I have a few feminist ideals tucked away in my heart and my mind, but I don't call myself a feminist. In fact, I don't really call myself anything that ends with -ist -- that's a lot of commitment. But really, a feminazi?

Well, here it is. This is the cold hard facts of why I'm a feminazi -- or at least, what I assume, are his reasons for calling me a feminazi: I refuse to have a conversation with someone when they are rude, inappropriate, or down right douchey. When you take away the 'he said, she said' bullshit of the story, that's exactly what it boils down to. I don't deserve to be treated poorly -- and this makes me a feminazi? Really? So be it, I suppose... but next time I see you, buddy, I'm going to live up to that word and it's negative connotations -- and leave you bleeding whether it's with my fists or my words.

* Funny Story: So one time, I may or may not have hit this one guy in the face. Guy gets angry -- and a bloody nose -- and exclaims "You know, just because you listen to Ani DiFranco doesn't mean you can hit men in the face!" Regardless of who I listen to, he deserved it.

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apriljosephine said...

it's so fucked up that just because you are a female
a) won't put up with discrimination
b) has a strong sense of values and ethics

it automatically makes you into a feminist.

everyone should be feminists.