Sunday, November 1, 2009

turn your light on me.

Next year, if I'm still working in the bar industry, there is no way I'm working Halloween. I was belittled by coworkers, ignored by patrons, and tipped very poorly when providing good service -- there is no such thing as great service on a holiday, when a bar is almost at capacity.

But... it my non-working life, this night was good: I had Z. to text all night (never underestimate what impact a kind text can have), I ran into my friend R. (so glad I know this dude, definitely feel like we look out for each other, like siblings I guess), and got to know my boss' lady, S., a bit better (apparently she feels maternal towards me -- which is nice, since my own mother is a bit absent from my life -- mostly due to me).

I'm hanging out with my brother tomorrow. So stoked. It's been a while.

Hey life, you ain't so bad...

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