Monday, October 19, 2009

i don't have my license because i would spend all my time driving away.

I used to be a strong-willed girl. A strong-willed, wild girl following her own rationality. Chalk full of determination. Heart full of gold -- got to save the world!

Life has kept me a wild girl, but trials and tribulations have made me a strung-out girl, following her own reckless path. Dear drugs, please harden my heart. Please tarnish the gold.

I applied for to model for a nude calendar today. I am in love with strange beauty, with bodies that tell stories, instead of just being conventionally attractive. I am a strange beauty, a body that tells a scarred story of strength.

I am still a determined girl. Head-strong, high-strung, strong-willed, and scarred. But my body is not my heart.

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