Thursday, February 12, 2009

Praise Nature!

Life has been good... 

I've been listening to a lot of amazing bands: The Provincial Archive, World of Science, Ursa Miner, and The Rural Alberta Advantage (thanks, April!).  This music has most definitely been making a difference in my days.

I'm realizing that it's time to find a place on my own.  It's been difficult living with roommates.  Right now, with my roommate never actually being at home, I float between feeling like I've lost a friend and then feeling as though my vibe has been disturbed when she is home.  It's not fair to either or us.  I'm dreaming of a cute place and another kitten.  

...I'm dreaming of beautiful tattoos and beautiful places.  I'm dreaming of myself.

I'm going through my Touch for Health notes... and these have been some of my affirmations lately:
  • I am beautiful and deserving of self love.
  • I am full of forgiveness and gratitude.
  • I am confident and comfortable in my solitude and among others.
  • I am motivated and fulfilled in my own life.
I love my friends.  I love my cat.  I love good vegan food (Padmanadi's Buffet tomorrow!).  I love getting to know myself.

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