Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The have-nots have had enough.

Today, I remembered that I am young and life requires spontaneity. So I spent the majority of my day with this boy:

The day featured lots of laughs, good music, and wind-blown hair. And supper with this girl:

I can't let my days just slide by. I can't leave my body behind. I can't forget my heart.

I will remember to live, & not just survive. I will rejoice in movement, & be carefree. I will let my heart bloom.


Andronika said...

I LOVE that boy.
he is one of my favorite boys

Pineapril said...

are all these love poems that you have been writing towards Matty?

Allison said...

hahaha... love poems for matty? leaving that up to a brown-girl version of him.

a.hlewka said...

I seriously wish I could stop writing shitty poetry any time now. *sigh*

And nope, those songs are totally for the other charming men in my life, not Matt.

Matt's love poems are written in my eyes, haha!

Matthew said...

you guyyyyyysssssss.

making me blush. D: