Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I know you can't swim but I'll tuck you in.

My eye lashes froze together while I was walking to school. And I almost slipped and fell on my butt. Winter is such a glamorous season, the extra layers of clothing does wonders for my figure... But it is a good reminder to stand on your own to feet, because winter is a lonely season.

I haven't worked one single shift at the liquor store this week - and I've been loving it. It's so unbelievably nice to be able to just breathe a little, to work at a slightly less frantic pace. Of course, I am missing out on some cash; and considering I've got big travel plans and beautiful body art plans, I'd appreciate the extra cash. Oh well, I've also applied at Audrey's Bookstore and the Starlite Room just for the hell of it.

I've gotten some marks back in school and I'm very pleased. I'm seeing the benefits of my hard work, and I'm definitely proud of myself. Now, as long as I can keep this up... which may prove to be difficult since my video interview partner has been MIA for more than a week and hasn't returned any of my messages/emails. I'm meeting with Ariana to work on our Model Paper tomorrow before and after seminar; I'm also meeting with Jaclyn after her night class to interview her for a case study. I'm also interviewing Allison on Friday (after coffee/tea with Ming) for a case study. I'm really trying to step up and take initiative on my work. However, I somehow managed to forget about my botanical exercise due on Thursday; I'm positive that I'll find time tomorrow to work on it though. I also feel supported by the teaching staff, for once, and it's definitely comforting.

I'm really hoping I can keep this positive attitude up. My Baba came home from the hospital today - that has to be a good thing. I just want to hug everyone.

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